Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone Prepaid New Recharge Plans

Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone Prepaid New Recharge Plans: Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Jio have all increased prepaid recharge prices up to 42% and added Fair Usage Policy (FUP) in so-called ‘Unlimited Calling’. The prices of most prepaid packs have also gone up, though the data benefits of daily data have remains the same. We take a look at the new prepaid packs of Vodafone, Airtel, and Jio below.

Airtel new prepaid recharge prices: Full List

Airtal New plans

Airtel’s new tariffs will be applicable from Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Users can still queue up recharges with the old plans on the Airtel number before the new ones come into effect. The ‘unlimited calling’ and data plans now with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) in place

. This means that if you exceed the number of calling minutes from Airtel to other non-Airtel networks, you will be charged at 6 paise per minute
. Airtel has not specified the exact FUP limit for each plan like Vodafone.

Airtel’s basic Rs 19 plan

which offered unlimited calling and 150MB data for the validity of two days remains unchanged. The price of the Rs 35 plan is now Rs 49

. Earlier Rs 35 offered Rs 26.66 talk-time ad 100MB data for 28 days. The Rs 49 plan, which replaces it offers higher talk-time of Rs 38.62, but data benefits remain the same at 100MB with 28 days validity.

The Rs 65 prepaid plan with Rs 130 talk-time and 200MB data will now cost more at Rs 79

. The talk-time benefits have been reduced to Rs 63.96, though data remains at 200MB for 28 days validity. Airtel’s Rs 129 plan will now cost Rs 148,

though validity is still 28 days. The plan continues with unlimited calling, though with the FUP limit, and the data in total is still 2GB with 300 SMS. Airtel is also giving access to Airtel Xstream, Wynk, Hello Tunes with this plan.

Airtel’s Rs 169 and Rs 199 plans

have been done away with entirely. The plans offered 1 and 1.5GB data per day

respectively, along with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. They have been replaced by the Rs 248 plan with unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day and 1.5GB daily data.

The Rs 248 prepaid plan includes access to Airtel Xstream Premium, Wynk, Hello Tunes and anti-virus mobile protection. Airtel Xstream premium has access to live TV content and movies as well.

Airtel’s Rs 249 prepaid plan will now cost Rs 298

with 28 days of validity. The benefits remain the same with unlimited calling with FUP, 100 SMS per day and 2GB data per day. There’s access to Airtel Xstream Premium, Wynk, Hello Tunes, and anti-virus mobile protection as well.

The biggest difference in price hike can be seen in plans, which had longer validity of 82 days or more. The Rs 448 prepaid plan

with 82 days validity will now cost Rs 598, though validity is 84 days

or two days extra. The plan continues to offer unlimited calling with FUP limits, 100 SMS per day and 1.5GB daily data.

Airtel’s Rs 499 prepaid plan with 82 days

validity is now more expensive at Rs 698 with 84 days validity.

It continues with 2GB daily data, unlimited calling with FUP and 100 SMS per day, along with the Airtel Xstream Premium and other benefits we’ve seen on these plans.

Airtel’s yearly prepaid plans will also cost more. The Rs 998 plan with 336 days validity

jumps up to Rs 1498.

The benefits have increased from 12GB data to 24GB data the validity is longer at 365 days. The unlimited calling with FUP continues, and this plan has a total of 3600 SMS. The Airtel extra app benefits also continue.

The most expensive Airtel prepaid plan of Rs 1699 with 385 days validity will now cost Rs 2398

. The plan continues with the same validity period of 365 days, 1.5GB daily data, and unlimited calling with FUP and 100 SMS per day. It will also offer Airtel app benefits such as access to Airtel Xstream Premium, Wynk and others.

Vodafone-Idea new prepaid recharge prices: Full List

vodafone-idea new plans

Vodafone-Idea’s new prepaid plans will come into effect from December 3 at 00.00 hrs or midnight. The plans come with FUP for ‘off-net’ calls. Vodafone has specified that calls (Local, STD and on national roaming) from Vodafone to Vodafone and Vodafone to Idea and vice versa are considered as on-net. So these will be unlimited and free.

But all balance calls are off-net, meaning calls made to non-Vodafone or Idea network.

If you exceed the off-net calls limit after the free usage mentioned in the plan, these will be charged at 6 paise per min.

Vodafone’s Rs 49 plan will come with Rs 38 Talktime, 100 MB data, 2.5p/sec tariff with 28 days validity. The 79 prepaid recharge will come with Rs 64 Talktime, 200 MB data, 1p/sec tariff and 28 days validity.

Vodafone’s Rs 149 prepaid pack now has ‘unlimited voice’ but with FUP of 1000 mins

for off-net calls), 2 GB data in total, 300 SMS. Vodafone has also replaced the Rs 199 plan with a higher Rs 249 plan which offers the same 1.5GB data per day,

but with unlimited calls (FUP of 1000 mins for off-net calls). The plan also includes 100 SMS daily.

The Rs 299 prepaid plan will offer 2GB daily day while the Rs 399 plan will offer 3GB daily data

. Both come with unlimited voice with FUP fixed at 1000 mins

for off-net calls, 100 SMS per day. While the Rs 399 plan now offers more data at 3GB per day, the plan had a longer validity of 84 days earlier.

The Rs 379 prepaid plan with 84-day validity

comes with unlimited voice, though the FUP is higher of 3000 minutes for off-net calls. This has a total of 6GB data along with 1000 SMS free. Vodafone’s next plan with 84 days validity costs Rs 599 with the same FUP for calls as the Rs 379 plan, but with 1.5GB data per day and 100 SMS per day.

Earlier the Rs 599 prepaid plan cost Rs 458, and offered similar data and validity benefits.

Vodafone’s Rs 699 prepaid pack

comes with the same voice call benefits where FUP is 3000 mins for off-net calls with 2GB per day, 100 SMS per day and 84 days validity. The plan cost Rs 511 earlier with similar benefits, though there was no FUP on calls.

The yearly plans with 365 days validity are also more expensive now similar to Airtel with prices and benefits being nearly identical. Vodafone has a Rs 1499 plan with unlimited voice

(FUP of 12000 mins for off-net calls), 24 GB data, 3600 SMS, and 365 days validity. This plan earlier cost Rs 999 with 12GB data and the rest of the benefits were the same.

The Rs 2399 plan has unlimited voice

with 12000 FUP limit, 1.5 GB data per day, 100 SMS per day and 365 days validity as well. This plan earlier cost Rs 1699 similar to Airtel’s prepaid plan.

Vodafone also revealed details about its sachet plans with Rs 19 offering two days validity, unlimited on-net voice, 150 MB data, and 100 SMS. There are also new First Time recharges which are as follows:

Rs 97 prepaid

will offer Rs 45 Talktime with 100MB data, 1p/ sec tariff and 28 days validity
Rs 197 prepaid

will offer unlimited voice (FUP of 1000 mins for off-net calls), 2GB data, 300 SMS and 28 days validity

Rs 297 prepaid plan

will offer unlimited voice (FUP of 1000 mins for off-net calls), 1.5GB data per day, 100 SMS/day and 28 days validity

Rs 647 prepaid recharge

offers unlimited voice (FUP of 3000 mins for off-net calls), 1.5 GB data day, 100 SMS/day and 84 days validity.

Reliance Jio new prepaid recharge prices


Jio has not yet revealed its new prepaid plans. Reliance Jio has said it will be introducing new ‘All-in-One’ plans with unlimited voice and data. These plans from Jio also include free calling to other networks. Remember Jio had introduced IUC or Interconnect Usage Charges on the rest of its plans, these plans came with some free minutes for calling to non-Jio numbers.

Jio had said its plans will be effective from December 6, 2019. But these plans will be priced up to 40 percent higher. Jio customers will get up to 300% more benefits claims the company. Right now the plans start at Rs 149 and go up to Rs 555. If one takes a 40 percent price hike, then the Rs 149 plan could start at Rs 200 plus.

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