Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence(AI)

Artificial intelligence is that aims to create Intelligent machines that can help to better the living style of human life. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience.

Artificial intelligence is “The Science and Engineering of making an Intelligent Machine Specifically Intelligent Computer Programs” AI is we made programs that can help to understand human behaviors, AI is the program to how human brain thinks, and how humans learn, how humans react, how humans make decisions, how they can interact with other humans, how they can solve problems

What are the Techniques of AI?

Techniques of AI

In the real world, knowledge has many unwelcomed properties-its volumes are huge, next to unimaginable, it is not well-organized or well-formatted, it keeps changing constantly.

AI Technique is a manner to organize and use the knowledge efficiently is such a way that-

> It should be understood by the people who provide it.

> its should be easily modifiable to correct errors

> it should be useful in many situations thought is incomplete or incorrect

Application of AI

Application of AI

AI use in many fields such as-

Natural Language Processing(NLP)-It is possible for humans to interact with computers that understand natural language objective of NLP is to read, study, understand and understand the sense of the human languages

Gaming– Ai play an important role in strategic games such as poker, chess, tic-tac-toe, etc, where the machine can program to a large number of possible moves that can difficult to learn the human mind

Expert System– There are few programs and software which combined Machine software and unique knowledge to give view and advising, Expert system would be able to clarify and instruction to the user

Vision System– These Systems understand, explanation, and know visual input on the machine system. for example.

> Google Map use airplanes and satellite to takes photographs, which are used to find out information about the area that can use in map

>Doctors use the clinical advance system to diagnose the patient

>many securities system uses AI camera that identified the face of the person with store information

>their lots of gadgets that are using AI features like camera, payment technology, Video calling system, etc

Speech Recognition-Many Intelligent system is capable of Listening and Understanding the word in the term of Sentence and what they have mean, they can everything search and recognize every sentence or word and then make a decision. It can handle different languages and voices. They can detect the tone.

Handwriting Recognition-The handwriting recognition system read all text written on the image, paper on any display writing network. It can also detect the shape of the words, style, color and what type of language users write.

Intelligent Robots-Robots are able to perform the task given by humans Robots can perform, they have lots of physical sensors and advanced technology So, They can detect or recognize Human behavior, Real-world identities. So, they can improve understanding, reacting and decision making. It can help the mathematical and logical tasks done easily.

Advantage of AI

Advantages of AI

> its detects error easily and solve the problem fast

>Its also use in the camera that can help to generate the best quality image and it can also detect or recognize the face of the person

>Its reduce the time of the task and represent batter way

>Its help for computing methods and learning have become commonplace in daily life.

>Its also used in digital assistants that are used highly advanced organization

Disadvantage of AI

>Many companies are using AI system that can work done easily and fast they don’t need employees they can also increase unemployment

>The AI system is very expansive and maintains is also costly

>Humans can become too dependent on AI and lose their brain power

>AI machines can easily direct to distraction if put in the wrong hand

>In today world most of the people are highly depending upon the machine’s systems if humans do not need their thinking abilities, these abilities will decrease, if the human highly depend upon machines they can losing their mantel abilities

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